Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving slowly

We've been having some fun lately, and I'm definitely happier doing this than not doing it, but it is difficult to not keep craving more and more.

I still am the one to initiate sexual contact. She hardly ever does. She's receptive when I do, so that's all good, but having her initiate it would be important to me, because it does signal that she wants it.

On the other hand, when I do intiate it, she had begun to wrap her head around the denial portion. There have been two recent times in which after lengthy foreplay, I brought her off and there was no reciprocation. Of course, greedy person as I am in this arena, I secrety wished for the tease portion too. Or, at least, a verbal teasing about how she wasn't going to let me cum.

Another time, when in bed watching tv, right before she fell asleep, she did very gently start to stroke me, outside of my underwear, and got me seriously raging. I wasn't on the actual edge, but was getting damn close. She eventually gave me a little pat and then kissed me good night. She was asleep in a couple of minutes. I loved that, and made sure to tell her how much I loved it the next day.

Still, since there isn't an increased verbalization from her, or an increased initiation of intimacy (other than the one time), I do wonder if she's enjoying this, or feels as if she's being forced to do it by me. I hope that she's enjoying it, because it would be completely unfair if she was doing this only for me, instead of for us.

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