Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lighten Up!

First off - no updates on anything - career, family, friends, finances, etc., have taken precedence. Now is not the time to try to further implement a more defined and acknowledged WLM. We have connected a lot recently, but when you finally approach her, you want to do it when you think it has the best chances of working. It's not always just what you say, it's when and how you say it too. That time will come.

The Federal Court just shot down Prop 8 in California. I'm sure everyone is actually aware of Prop 8, but essentially, California voted to define a marriage between a man and a woman, obviously, which would prevent homosexual couples from getting married.

I will not step into a legal, political, and religious landmine and attempt to discuss the issue. I find that instead of opening a discussion, it invites the extremes from both sides to rattle their sabres, completely shutting out any sense of resolving anything.

Instead, that ruling, along with the idea that there are so many people out there who are hesitant to even bring up their most intimate desires to people they love has me thinking that I just wish people would just lighten the hell up!!!!!! Honestly, there are so many repeated examples of people reacting negatively to the honest truth of someone else, it's sickening.

A person comes out as being homosexual and fears all of the negative reactions from family, friends and loved ones. A person comes out as being transgendered and it's almost worse than coming out as being homosexual. Even things that people who are naturally kinky would think are very "vanilla", such as asking your partner to tie you up, freaks some people out. Asking for role play. Tease & Denial. It just blows me away that people have so many hangups about anything related to sex.

I understand that people are different and that's actually good for the world. I understand that no matter how kinky you are, you have limits and things that will not interest you. A woman who loves being a FemDom may not like forced feminization for her man. A woman who loves male chastity may not enjoy FemDom. You get the point.

But, it just seems to me to that there are way too many people who's view is that anything other than "normal" sexual relations is considered deviant, distasteful and refuse to have an open mind to explore themselves, their partners and the world.

Open up. Be more understanding. Be more adventerous. Be less judgemental. It would make people happier, in my humble opinion. Go out there and try something new people!!! Keep an open mind about it, discuss it, enjoy it and if it fails, just chalk it up as a learning experience!


hersforever said...

Well said! Diversity is the spice of life, we should embrace the fact that everyone is different and not try to make them fit into our own mold!

Susan's Pet said...

We all are to some degree homosexual so I will not blame or ostracise anyone who is not "truly heterosexual" what the hell ever that may be.

I have, however, a definition of marriage in the traditional sense: between a man and a woman, whether they are heterosexual or in between homosexual. I posted one today, you might be interested in reading it.

PDXsubcuck said...

Maybe since marriage seems to be wrapped up with religion for many people maybe churches should do marriages...a cute certificate and all that (but ALL religions could make their own definition of a "marriage" and the state should just do a "civil union". BUT the civil union would be the legally binding joining of two and it should be between two adult humans... The "marriage" would be a cute piece of paper that would make all those people trying to define something happy. All those people also ignore that monogamy and one man is really the exception throughout history.

Two people being together for a long time (a bit over thirty years in our case) is difficult but one of the things that has never been a threat to my marriage is the idea of two men or two women being joined together.

Funny how so many of the people that want to have a narrow definition of marriage either go for serial monogamy (with a lot of cheating) or are hiding a whole closet full of problems (tap dancing in toilets or hiring hookers, affairs and on and on.

When we were swinging in California and Nevada it was interesting that most of the swingers (and dope smokers) we met were staunch Republicans...a party that has no public tolerance for such things.