Monday, August 30, 2010


It's boring to continually state that there have been no new developments, but, well, there haven't. That has been, I guess, my fault, since I have made no effort to advance a WLM. Nor have I made any effort to instill any lesser form of WLM, like just introducing chastity instead of a full fledged WLM. I haven't offered to do any pedicures or other pampering type things.

Part of the reason is lack of interaction on her part. She has not requested, hinted, or suggested that any of these things continue. She had not shown any interest. I have been extremely busy at work, working very long hours, and we did recently spend weekends away - not by choice, but it's just how it worked out.

I also have not made any advances on her. Which means, in a way, I am in Chastity because nothing has happened for a long time. I made a personal decision that I would not have an orgasm unless it was specifically done by her, so I'm struggling along in a situation that, I think, is more frustrating than actual Chastity! It's more of a deny and ignore situation, than a tease and deny. There is no teasing going on!

I know this shall pass, but I'm not sure when, or how.

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