Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Normal part 2

Last night was a great night for us. Well, things didn't go well for her at work, and she was not happy, but it was out of her control. It wasn't anything she had done wrong, it's just that sometimes things don't work out. So, after a long time of stress at work all day, she was sitting on the love seat and I was sitting on the couch, discussing the day.

After we had a nice talk, she got up and came back with a snack to watch tv before going to bed. I knew she was trying to calm down after a long, difficult, stressful day, so I took the snack from her as she sat on the couch and I began to give her a massage, which she thoroughly enjoyed and needed. It ended with me on my knees, pleasuring her. There was no reciprocation. She was pleased, de-stressed and happy and we just went to bed.

Now, I'm positive that at the time it was occurring last night, she did not view it as anything "femdom", her being dominant, me being submissive, any type of WLM or anything kinky at all. She just viewed it as a husband being sensitive to his wife's needs.

To me, though, it served to fuel many of my submissive desires. On my knees. Even after I was done, and her pants were back on, I purposefully stayed on the floor, at her feet, while she sat on the couch, as we continued to talk. That she made no effort to reciprocate to me also fueled my submissive side. We both went to bed happy.

Today, acknowledging her difficult day yesterday, we texted many times. In one of the last ones, I told her I wanted to do something for her tonight, and that if she wanted anything in particular, to just ask me and I'll do it for her. She happily responded that she'd think of something.

We are no where near an acknowledged WLM. But a WLM is becoming more and more integrated into our relationship and she's embracing it as something normal and enjoyable. Her reaction to my text wasn't shock, embarrassment, surprise, disgust or fear. Instead of being apprehensive about what type of crazy sex game I was going to try to impose on her, or fear of unknown, or something, her reaction was one of immediate happiness. The more I keep doing things on my own (which I have) and the more I keep offering things, the more comfortable she is becoming with the idea of the relationship, even if it is not yet specifically acknowledged.

Now, what she comes up with tonight should be interesting. As much as I would love it, I know that I won't come home to her with a strap-on and a collar. I'm sure it will be something as simple as a massage, a bath or a pedicure or something like that. But I will love doing that for her more than the strap-on fantasy because I'll be doing it for her and it'll be what she wants. And as the days, months, and years go on, she may become more and more open to other things.


LoveWife said...

It is just so fulfilling to serve, so rewarding, while at the same time thinking of the prospects to come, maybe she will become more demanding of me your thinking! I can't imagine anything more powerful that to be on your knees at her feet while she leans back on the couch as your address "her needs" with out having your own needs addressed, or should I say denied.

Thanks for sharing and best wishes for this evening...

At all Times said...

A lovely evening at the feet of your wife, what better way to spend an evening pampering her.

How she acknowledges your submission, how she encourages more of the same, will set the tone of the relationship going forward and just how fulfilled you will be.

whatevershesays said...

Normal...I had the same discussion with my wife. Generally it was along the lines of "we've always been in a wife led relationship. That is what's normal for us."

The only difference now is that we both acknowledge it.

kelmag said...

Found your blog and read all of your entries - starting with October and going forward. I was totally blown away by how similar our experiences and thoughts were and how similar our circumstances. I think part of the problem is that sex and sexual play is so much farther down our wives'list of priorities that it makes any sort of meeting in the middle difficult - especially when introducing anything not in their comfort zone. I would be interested in your thoughts about when I've written about in my blog:
www.secretchastityhusband.blogspot.com. In many ways, you are further along the path of Femdom play in the bedroom than I am.

vs-boy said...

Just let her be herself. I think you're lucky. My wife is not even letting me eat her anymore... I think she was not enjoying it as much as I thought.

You are advancing pretty steadily. Keep at it and I think eventually you will be fulfilled, even if it's not to the full extent of your current fantasy.

I wish I was as advanced as you are.

Good luck!