Monday, February 11, 2013


It was an eventful weekend!  We went out on Saturday night to a friends' house for a Valentines Day party.  Just about 15 couples there, all good friends, all dancing and having a good time.  The host had great wine, liquor and beer (all high quality stuff - it was very cool) and since we all know each other and are good friends, it was relaxed fun.

Two things happened that night that were interesting.  I was talking to one woman (let's call her Lilly) who shares my passion for cooking.  Well, that and she's rather adventurous, and we've definitely talked women's fashion, make-up, and tastes in lingerie.  My wife did not drink because she was going to work the next day and was going to take the baby-sitter home that night too.

On the way saying good bye to everyone, we started talking to Lilly, who began sharing the contents of my previous discussion with her to my wife.  It was a playful conversation, but I was staying out of the conversation.  Lilly was telling my wife how great it must be to have someone interested in those things and my wife was agreeing.  At one point, though, Lilly said something like "oh, I could have so much fun with him" and without missing a beat, my wife responded with "you totally would!  You would love doing the make-up for him and modeling the lingerie.  And he'd probably paint your toes."  At which point, Lilly did a fake swoon.  They hugged and said goodbye and we left.

The whole conversation made me swoon!  So many things about it pushed my buttons, but also made me love it.  First, my wife effectively disclosed to someone else that I paint her toes.  That's nothing extreme, but I'm positive that the other men friends that I have there don't know I do that and if they did, I'd get much ribbing.  The fact that she was willing to disclose that information to someone else, in my presence, gave me a great submissive twinge.

Of course, I also liked the situation because of the topics being discussed and Lilly's reactions were little bit of an ego boost.  But the thing that I loved about the conversation was that my wife was not threatened in any way by Lilly!  At least from my vantage point, my wife appeared supremely confident that this was all talk, that I was hers, she knew I'd never do anything with Lilly and maybe my wife was showing off a little bit.

With that getting me going and being pretty buzzed, we went home and she took the baby sitter home.  When she returned, we were sitting on the couch and we began kissing.  Eventually, I got down on the ground, removed her jeans and underwear and began eating her out.  Instead of bringing her off, I kept bringing her to the brink, stopping, but then slowly bringing her back to the brink and repeating.  It got her extremely revved up to the point where she pushed me down the ground, pulled my pants off and mounted me.  It didn't take long for her or for me to finish.

All of that was great --------------- and then she did something that I wish turned out differently for me.  As I was still on the ground, she stood up, grabbed her panties and pushed them up against her pussy.  I asked what she was doing and she said she was making sure she didn't leak out.  She then grabbed her jeans and went up stairs.

Now, for people who've read previous posts, I'm the typical guy who is supremely turned on by the idea of creampie eating, but as soon as I cum, the desire goes away.  There are soooooooooooo many times that I've decided to eat it on my own and as soon as I come, I can make myself do it.  I asked her one time to sit on my face after I came in her, no matter what I did, and she did it.  She has never done that on her own though.

So, the thing is, unbeknownst to her, she presented a perfect opportunity to me to take care of her and I did nothing.  Now, if she had asked me, I would have done it - of course.  While she is multi-orgasmic, she does need a little down time too, so that's partly the issue.  It's not like at the time she had the panties there she was horny and would have loved for me to do it either.  While I wish I took advantage of the situation, the good thing is that in her eyes, there was nothing wrong with what I did.

The good things over the weekend weren't over though.  The next morning, I got up early and went downstairs to make coffee.  I dealt with the kids while she was upstairs doing a bit of work.  I brought the coffee up and while she had to work later the afternoon, the morning was open.  She got a movie that we rented that she had tried watching earlier in the week but ended up falling asleep.  She put the movie on and I went downstairs.  I decided to make her breakfast and went about making everything for her, and feeding the kids.  During the process, I went up there with the coffee pot and filled her cup.

It took awhile, but eventually I had made everything (a breakfast I know she loves), and just walked up and gave her the food.  Here eyes got huge, profusely thanked me and said how great it was, not only for the food, but being able to watch the movie alone without interruption.

I was very happy to do all of that for her.


lovetosubmit said...

Great post. I am enthralled by what women say to each other, specifically if my wife talks to other women about our sex life. To reveal that bit about you would have pushed my sub buttons as well.

I think you are lucky to have 15 couples that are "good friends".

The creampie eating... I am the same as you, I would like to clean her out but she thinks it's gross. One thing with my wife is that if she wouldn't want things done to her, it's hard for her to accept me doing it. Case in point are her nipples. They are VERY sensitive but I enjoy it when she stimulates mine. It took her a long time to wrap her head around the fact that I enjoyed it, because she doesn't. Yes, after I ejaculate, that desire goes away. That's why it would be so fun to have her "make" me do it.

I also like to give her some time to herself.

Anyway, it sounded like a nice weekend, congrats!

Anonymous said...

We call it "licking her clean". Effectivly, I pull out, and come against her clitoris, keeping my cock slightly raised so it doesn't get smeared everywhere.

At this point, because I haven't ejaculated for maybe a week, I've come and she hasn't. Amount-wise, it's also fairly copious.

So the request from her to lick her clean is perfectly natural, because she wants her orgasm.

"Down you go: lick me clean," she says, or words similar. And put like that, you don't refuse.

We've been doing this for over ten years, and finish off like that about two out of every three times. It's become 100% natural, and I just do it.

Occasionally, because she likes watching me masturbate, I'll kneel betwen her legs and go from start to finish, squirting over her clitoris when the moment arises. Then I lick her to orgasm.

Feel free to ask any questions.

M in UK.

amit agarwal said...

Great post. some times my wife will tell me about the talks she has with her friends regarding sex but she is very consious about talking of out lifestyle with others. in india kink is still considered a taboo and the things we are doing could mean doom if the wrong people get to know about it.

i would love to lick my wife clean but she is grossed out by the thought of it. i too havent insisted much because as soon as i cum i too am grossed out by the thought of it, but when i havent ejaculated for a couple of days i really really want to try it out. the fact that u have done it once and still want to do it is a great thing.