Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sorry for the Delay

Many people in the blogger world that I respect and regularly read their blogs made comments that were interesting, insightful and much appreciated. I will get back to those soon.

One reason for the delay was that sadly, for a while, not everything was "wonderful" on our end. We ended up having a major fight about something completely unrelated to any sexual stuff, but it did make me (and us) more focused on resolving those issues - so everything else kind of went on the back burner. That is life sometimes.

The good thing is that we have talked a lot lately and resolved the things and all is good. It was always going to be good, but we just needed the discussion and for time to take its course.

The other good thing is that during those dicussions, we briefly delved into the orgasm control we are doing. I'm happy to report that she is definitely still on board, is enjoying it, and wanting to keep doing it. That, of course, was a very good thing.

I know that for myself, despite receiving warnings about this, I find it extremely difficult to tamper my desire for full blown entry into the chastity lifestyle by her. I end up thinking about it a lot, much more than she could ever come close to doing. That is part of our personality differences too. I am the type (which is very good for what I do for a living), to completely focus on one thing for a long period of time.

Anyway, despite my knowledge and understanding that she wasn't going to all of a sudden start teasing and denying me on a daily basis, start tying me up, doing research and purchasing chastity devices and the like, I was still hoping for "more." I did want more interaction between us - even if it was just a text here or there. She is on board with the chastity concept.......though there are still "tease" and "denial" things that I would like more of than she has given in the past. But we're working on that explanation of how I feel and then also what she actually wants and enjoys.

Our discussion did center around whether she was truly enjoying the new dynamic and, like I said, she confirmed she did. She admitted that she wanted to spend more time together, but that life gets in the way.

We were both pleased with the understanding. And based on that, with her going away for the weekend (with her girlfriends) coming up, I decided to buy a CB-6000 and am considering approaching her with me using it while she's gone. Our discussion leads me to believe that she would open to the idea. It's something that wouldn't add any additional "burden" so to speak on her.

We shall see.


At all Times said...

Mr AO - I am glad to hear that you have sorted out your differences, and that some good seems to have come from the experience.

Like you, I too would really like to try wearing a chastity device, even moreso if Jane were to encourage it's use and hold the key.

Only you will know if now is the rigth time to approach your wife about this or if it is a step too far.

Whatever you decide I wish you luck.

appy said...

I too am happy for both of you.
I hope your Wife will be willing to be your keyholder.

Keep us posted how it goes.