Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just curious about others on this post.

Whenever I get stressed (work, family, whatever), I find that I desire kink more and more. Playing pop psychologist, I would assume it's an escape mechanism. Something to get my mind off the stres. Not sure. I just know that when I get seriously stressed at work, I desire nothing more than to come home to a wife who would be as cruel as possible.

Normally, I'm up for any type of interaction with my wife when I get home. If she's in the mood for romance, cuddling, whatever, I'm all for it. Even when I'm stressed, that's true. And, I normally would welcome any type of kink she was interested in.

It's just that when I'm stressed, my desire for the more "extreme" forms of chastity or WLM or femdom come out.

I don't believe my wife shares that same reaction. I think she's just the opposite. If she's happy, kids were great, she's making lots of money etc., she's much friskier.

I wonder what other people's experience is.


Giles English said...

This is my experience, but with a twist. Being an engaged top requires more emotional energy than being a bottom/sub/whatever. So it's quite natural that she'll be more up for it when she's rested and happy.

However, there's something else at work too, I think. I'll bet her natural response to being stressed and mentally tired is to switch off and withdraw in on herself. If so, I'll extend my bet and guess that this doesn't fit the games you have in mind.

I've recently realized that routine Femdom has to offer her something she can't reasonably have otherwise; what would she order if she really was in charge, and if society and morality said that was OK?

So, my response to a stressed/tired partner is to offer myself as a low-maintenance chaste slave, providing unfussy pampering and service, expecting nothing back. This works so well that she's started asking for it from time-to-time. There's no games, not teasing, no posturing. However, it's also extreme and dark as anything because it entails complete disregard for my pleasure; I really am being her slave. :)

OnHerKnee said...

Without a doubt!
Stress for me is very high for me and so is my kinky desire.