Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They're out there

There is a lot of talk in the Internet Male Chastity community, or WLM/FLR community, about convincing a vanilla wife to participate and that this is usually a failing endeavor.

I make no prediction on whether that is true, or not. Why? Because it's impossible to know, because I do not personally know anyone else who engages in this type of lifestyle. Sure, there are people on the Internet that I read their blogs and sometimes communicate with. But I have never sat down and actually discussed any of this in a face to face conversation. Heck, there's even a very strong section of people who believe that Elise Sutton, one of the very first Internet presence on the Internet to discuss WLM/FLR isn't even a really woman.

Here's the thing - if you were to ask every person that I actually know if they thought I would be involved in Male Chastity, WLM/FLR or anything like that, they'd immediately say no. I'm sure that there are friends of mine who engage in a lifestyle that I have no idea about.

Does that mean it's more common than reported or whatever. Again, I have no idea.

I will say, that when I see pictures like this, it's obvious that there are some real people out there who engage in this behavior and have fun with it.

(Note - this is NOT me or my wife. Pic found on the Internet.)

Now, I personally never ever expect for my wife to ever get anywhere near what I would wish she would get to. I just hope to enjoy whatever steps she does take towards where I hope we go.


bdenied said...

via the internet I and my wife actually met a couple who cuckold and use male chastity...yes we are really out here...

lovetosubmit said...

I met a submissive husband over the internet and we have become decent friends (enjoy beers together every other month or so). He is very much committed to women being in charge and has a firm grasp of what he views as historical evidence that women had been in charge before a paternalistic conspiracy occurred to subjugate women. I really don't have an opinion on that, I just like my wife to dominate me. He hasn't tried chastity but his wife only allows orgasm every 2 weeks or so. Like me, he fantasizes about his wife having sex with other men, but that hasn't happened yet.

I am with you, some of the things I read just don't sound believable at all. But it does seem like male chastity device sales are fairly brisk (multiple companies, multiple products, etc.).

whatevershesays said...

Almost all the marriages that seem to work are the ones where the wife is in control/the boss. People don't think of it as a wife led marriage but it is, just to a different degree. And there are zillions of instances where the wife will tease her man or say something playful like, "I'll give you some tonight if you...." Is this femdom....certainly femdom light.

I'v always said that the difference between our marriage and others is that we have openly acknowledged (between us) that she is the boss.

Anonymous said...

Before I knew about FLR (or openly acknowledged ones), I had given my wife a book on spanking and indicated that the thought of being spanked was a big fantasy of mine. Eventually it came to light that she felt huge pressure about this, but I didn't learn about that for a long time.

In the meantime, I had stumbled across all the FLR material out there, and even bought a couple of books. Based on the ghastly reaction to the concept of spanking and the pressure this brought, I've been unable to convince myself to share the concept of an FLR with her, even though we joke sometimes about her being "the boss". Since it isn't mainstream, I fear the same response.

In my case, my first volley in was a failed endeavor, but it was specific to spanking, and I wish now I had known more about FLR and started the introduction that way. Who knows, maybe it would have been the same reaction. Time will tell (maybe or maybe not).

I enjoy your blog.