Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot - but not

Confusing, conflicting, wonderful and hot. All adjectives that surround what's going on. It's been a roller coaster.

For about 2 weeks (about), we went through a patch were she totally ignored me. And I mean ignored me in the normal relationship way - not the ignored me about my orgasms. Yes, during this 2 week period we didn't have sex at all. And I mean, she didn't receive any sex either. But that's not even what I was referring to about ignoring. It was that she seemed to want nothing to do with me. Not hang out. Not talk. Nothing. I never received a good answer as to what was going on.

Then, just as quickly as that happened, she seemed to turn a corner. All of a sudden, when driving with the kids, instead of checking her phone, she would talk with me. When we were at a party, she'd actually talk to me. Even dance with me.

At the same time, the sex started to heat up. Not surprising that the two coincided, but still a mystery to me as to the 2 week problem.

Now, there have been minor elements of teasing here and there. No outright denial recently. That has happened in the past, so I know she still enjoys it. There has been a change, though. The last two times, she has initiated it, which is more than she did before. One time, she just sat down next to me and then started to slowly and lightly graze my crotch till I was raging. She did this for a long long time. I definitely had to bring her off with my tongue because I think she still doesn't understand that if I go long periods of time without release, and then she plays with me, bringing me to the edge, there is no way I can "restart" and last long!

The last time, which was earlier this week, I was upstairs watching tv in bed. She climbed in and immediately grabbed me. I took the opening to ravish her, spending a lot of time kissing. She was laying on top of me and I pulled her pants/underwear off. I grabbed her ass and brought her up to my face. She rode my face and was grinding until I could sense when she was about to come. Right before she came, she pulled off, but still straddling me! I was kinda surprised, and actually thought I accidentally hurt her or she got a cramp or something, so I asked if everything was o.k. She responded "yea, I just want it to last longer." After a while she lowered herself back on me and I continued licking, sucking, nibbling. She pulled herself off twice more before she let herself come. It was phenomenal.

She wasn't done, though, as after a little rest, she lowered herself onto me. Again, I had to tell her I couldn't last long at all. Sure enough, I came wayyyyyy before she did, but she didn't care. She kept riding till she was done and satisfied.

Now that was a blast.


Anonymous said...

From the way you describe it she came first and then, even though you couldn't last, you came. Not all women are multi-orgasmic. Sounds like she got off first and then let you have yours.

Another One said...

Oh, no, she's definitely multi and had it twice that night. It was more that even though I was done, she didn't stop. Not that I wanted her to stop.