Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Photo Ever

The following photo has been taken from That tumblr is simply perfect in my eyes. The images collected and shared are directly in my wheel house.

One recently posted is actually .gif. Not sure if I know how to post a .gif, so if clicking on the photo does not open it in a new window in which the picture is moving, then head over to and scroll down till you find it.

Just seeing this got me thinking. I feel like if you show this to someone who's never engaged in chastity, female domination or bdsm etc., their initial reaction would go a long way to immediately determining whether they will ever be interested in that lifestyle. Much of our sexual turn-on's are not controllable. You see an image; you read a story; you have a stimulating discussion; you engage in some sexual activity - your reaction is not necessarily controllable. You see or do it and it turns you on. Or not.

I assume a woman, seeing this gif, would have the reaction of "ohhhhh, that looks delicious" or "ewe, gross." Of course, there are always shades of grey, but I still think that the actual photo - being tied up, the use of chastity device, and the gentle swinging of the key with the him following the gentle swing of the key - the is either something attractive or disturbing to the viewer.


lovetosubmit said...

Awesome photo! I've been in that position, which was awesome!
I have a thing for me being naked and my wife being clothed - it makes me feel so vulnerable. And I love being tied up too. After the key teasing, she should present herself for oral sex from the submissive!

H said...

I love the control she has in this photo, it screams "please mistress use me as your personal sex toy"

Anonymous said...

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Caroline and Michael said...

Very erotic. We love it!