Monday, May 6, 2013


Two things happened this weekend that were super hot and damn if she just does these things because that's who she is - not because she's trying to find ways to make it hot for me.  I guess we're just very lucky to have found each other.

The first thing was one word, one simple comment, that had me buzzing for the rest of the day.  The background of this story is that I have a high pressure job and I've been trying to find alternative careers to make the same $$$, but being less stressed and busy.  We are both successful in our jobs.  She has been doing better and better and if things keep going well, there is an opportunity for her to go off on her own.  I had never mentioned it to her, but I had been thinking about her opening her own company and then I would do everything related to the business side, while she would be doing all the work to make the money.

As I was going out the door, there were some comments made by her that brought this subject up in my mind.  I quickly just started saying "actually, I had been thinking about this. . . ." and I proceeded to briefly explain the plan.  She was listening intently and ended up saying "so you'd be my bitch."  It caught me completely off guard, I wasn't sure I heard her correctly and I had kept talking a bit, and then paused.  I asked "what?" and she said it again.  I smiled, she smiled, I said "well, sure" and then we kept discussing the plan.

That little quip just got me all worked up and excited for a long time.  It really makes me want this whole thing to come to fruition more and more.  I know I'd love to go to work every day!

The second thing that happened was Sunday morning.  Long story short, after waking up, I went down on her and brought her off very nicely.  I was wearing thong panties and nothing else.  She began rubbing me through the panties.  Laying on my back, she leisurely kept rubbing - pressing under my balls and massaging.  Even hard, she was not stroking and I stayed in panties the entire time.  I eventually came in my panties.  It's not the way that I want it to happen all the time, but it was great that she did it that way!


I'm-Hers said...

I know exactly what you mean. The other day we were discussing something that needed to be done at the house. We had two options. I preferred one, she the other. Just as she left the house she stopped and said, 'you can write an essay as to why you think I should choose your idea while I'm gone. I'll consider your thought"

With that she left. She's never said anything like that before. Of course in the end, I never did write the essay and we did go with her pland and it turned out great, but all day long I kept thinking of that two-second comment.

Yes, women sure can be hot when they aren't even trying to.

Hope you do end up working for her!

Anonymous said...

What hapd. No post for last one month !!

Anonymous said...

Hope you licked the cum out of your panties, you need o exercise more self control, much training to be done yet